If the car incurs a problem even after adhering to above tips, you must always consult a professional mechanic of classic cars rather than taking it to a local repair garage. You cannot take your classic car lightly.

Keep in mind that the value of a classic car depends on its proximity to the original condition. Hence, even tiny scratches and paint removal in some regions may diminish the value of the car. Although classic cars need much more time, care and maintenance; owning such a car is a dream of almost everyone.

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Best Classic Car Care Tips

a. Keep the car protected from heavy dirt or droppings of birds, which may spoil the paint of the car. The best way for this is to keep the car clean and wash off dirt or droppings immediately. Further make a habit of washing the car on weekly basis, especially when you use it often. Most importantly, always use a good wax, which will protect the paint of the car after washing it.

b. To protect the life and beauty of the car, keep it away from extreme cold and hot temperatures. For this, keep it in a garage as it is the best and safest place to store a classic car and let it stay away from dust, dirt, direct sunlight, etc. If you are going to keep the car in garage for a long period, do not forget to pump out the fluid from it.

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e. The best way to keep classic car in running condition is to give it a short run at least once in a month. Frequent drives of the car let it stay in good shape and prevent scope of corrosion and faults. Even if you cannot take a short drive in a month, you may at least start it up every so often.

f. After a short run of the car, park it in the storage unit and disconnect the battery if you are not going to use it soon again.


Classic cars have their own charm as they are rare, can be highly expensive and marvelous in looks. There are several reasons to enjoy owning classic cars and caring for them. If you are the lucky one to own a classic car, then you must ensure that it is highly protected and maintained to stay up to its value in the market.

You’ll find numerous books on the market, which are dedicated to classic car care and maintenance. However, since the advent of Internet, gathering relevant information and tips on classic car care has been much easier, faster and broader than ever before. Let us have a look on best classic car care tips to help you maintain and admire dear car for long.

c. When not in use, cover the car with a soft cotton cloth. Here again, if the car is not going to be used for a long time; do not forget to roll down the window glasses so as to allow proper air circulation.

d. Classic car engines are old and hence require special care and protection. Moreover, the parts of these engines are rarely found in the market. To help maintain the engine, use a non alcoholic fuel stabilizer. Next to be taken care of is the radiator as it is prone to dirt accrual. Always use a persuasive nozzle to put water in the radiator and ensure no leakages.